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Born in Manila, Philippines, my parents moved to Toronto, Canada when I was only 2 years old.  Having no choice, I tagged along and have spent most of my life in North America.   I’ve only once and recently visited my motherland and although very short, it was a great time.  Maybe someday we can chat more about it.
I guess you can say that I'm more Canadian than Filipino, but that probably happens to many people who settle in a different country. Here's to Canada from Nanaimo to Halifax. What a great country eh! Anyway, as a Canadian, I love the outdoors and sports.  Basketball, volleyball, softball, tennis and of course hockey are just some of activities I love to participate in. I also enjoy roller-blading, golf, skiing and have recently taken up dance (lindy-hop and balboa).
Growing up in a small town, Pickering was heavily influenced with sports.  What ever the activity there was always an attempt to participate.   I recall that all we ever did was study and play outdoors.  So the summers reminds me of the days when my buddies and I would ride our bicycles through the cross-country trails around Petticoke Creek in search of minor adventures. Childhood was a great time.
In the new millennium, I moved to England in pursuit of happiness and the love a good woman. We were married in 2003 in the lovely Somerset countryside and have enjoyed our lives together since. I’ve been living in London and many colleagues probably consider me to be British, however my soul is still Canadian. In summary, you can just paint me adventurous as I love to try new things. Being very easy going, I like meeting different characters and backgrounds and love having a good time. Whether it's a house party, formal event, dancing or just chatting at our local pub, there will always be a way to have a good time.


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